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The Legal Marketing Flow podcast is for the overwhelmed attorney or marketing coordinator struggling to consistently bring in new business every month because they are using bad information they received from some marketing guru with no idea how to market in the legal space.

In this podcast, we share what we've learned in our 22+ years of getting actual results for clients in the legal space with our straightforward no BS approach.

You will learn how to Formulate, Leverage, and Optimize your marketing efforts for Widespread Impact that consistently drives new business to your legal practice.

Oct 8, 2021

Every minute an attorney spends marketing, they are not billing. It's the attorney's responsibility to be the rainmaker, not the marketer. Phil Blende from Law Firm Management Academy is here to discuss how attorneys can leverage their time through their marketing teams.

You've invested in a marketing person or team....

Sep 3, 2021

What is the difference between a marketing funnel and a sales funnel? I’ll break it down for you in ways that are easy to understand and save you the confusion that results when you “google” it.

Your marketing and sales funnels are two completely different funnels. They serve people at various points in...

Aug 27, 2021

Have you ever felt ripped off by a marketing agency? I’m sharing a story from my own experience where I recently felt ripped off by a marketing agency. I'll also share some tips to help you avoid the same experience.

I've been interested in voice search for local services and haven't had the time to research. I saw an...

Aug 20, 2021

Brett Trembly, attorney, and founder from Get Staffed Up, explains why it makes sense to bring your legal marketing in-house using a virtual marketing assistant. He shares what held him back from hiring a marketing assistant and why he wishes he would have done it sooner.

Brett is a firm believer that the more you...

Jul 30, 2021

Is your CTA (Call to Action) intentional and effective? We are discussing CTA best practices in this episode.

Crafting a compelling call to action is critical to getting a potential client to take the next step in every place you share your marketing messages. Your website is one of the places where this will have the...