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The Legal Marketing Flow podcast is for the overwhelmed attorney or marketing coordinator struggling to consistently bring in new business every month because they are using bad information they received from some marketing guru with no idea how to market in the legal space.

In this podcast, we share what we've learned in our 22+ years of getting actual results for clients in the legal space with our straightforward no BS approach.

You will learn how to Formulate, Leverage, and Optimize your marketing efforts for Widespread Impact that consistently drives new business to your legal practice.

Mar 19, 2021

Learn how to use a stack at the end of your workshop or webinar to create sales. Don't love your services and your offer so much that you forget to sell them. Your service is not going to sell itself.

The stack helps you transition from teaching into selling during your webinar or workshop.

We’ve found that attorneys will spend a tremendous amount of time preparing material to educate potential clients. The critical piece that they are leaving out is the close.

What is your call to action? What do you want this person to do next? You’ve got to build this into your workshops. Stop treating your close like an afterthought.

It is your responsibility to make it crystal clear what people need to do to work with you. You have to outline the process and the value you create clearly.

The stack is your opportunity to create additional value in the mind of your attendees.

It's is a framework that works.

We are challenging you to offer a webinar with a stack and offer the same webinar without a stack. Track your conversion rates and let us know!

What You Will Learn in this Episode

  • What is a stack?
  • Why do you need a stack?
  • How to create a stack of offers that shows your value
  • How to structure your workshop to include your stack
  • How to remove risk in your client’s mind

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