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The Legal Marketing Flow podcast is for the overwhelmed attorney or marketing coordinator struggling to consistently bring in new business every month because they are using bad information they received from some marketing guru with no idea how to market in the legal space.

In this podcast, we share what we've learned in our 22+ years of getting actual results for clients in the legal space with our straightforward no BS approach.

You will learn how to Formulate, Leverage, and Optimize your marketing efforts for Widespread Impact that consistently drives new business to your legal practice.

Oct 9, 2020

How much money should you be spending on your Facebook ads to get the conversions that you need?

In this episode, we compare two different approaches to ad budgeting based on the conversations you want to create. We're looking at budgeting for an event like a seminar or webinar versus budgeting for conversion to book a direct consult.

Typically, in the legal arena, the cost per click is higher because your client's lifetime value is much higher.

This is why you need to be clear on the outcome you want when budgeting for Facebook ads.

Determine the number of people you want at your event, or the number of consults you want booked, and worked backward from that.

Keep in mind that booking straight to consult is tough.

Those ads are typically more effective when served to a warm audience that already knows, likes, and trusts you. They’ve seen the value that you create.

Which Facebook ad strategy is right for you?

We're here to help you create your budget and map out a Facebook ad strategy to get results.

We are teaching every single Wednesday in our private Legal Marketing FLOW Facebook group. Join us!

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