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The Legal Marketing Flow podcast is for the overwhelmed attorney or marketing coordinator struggling to consistently bring in new business every month because they are using bad information they received from some marketing guru with no idea how to market in the legal space.

In this podcast, we share what we've learned in our 22+ years of getting actual results for clients in the legal space with our straightforward no BS approach.

You will learn how to Formulate, Leverage, and Optimize your marketing efforts for Widespread Impact that consistently drives new business to your legal practice.

Sep 16, 2020

Are you having trouble with your business’s social and digital marketing?

Are you not getting the traffic you initially wanted with your law firm’s page?

In this episode, Roslyn guides you with four important ways that will help your law firm be able to retarget the traffic you desire. She also touches down on how you can connect with your audience through education.

She explains what it is to educate to motivate and how doing so can be an effective tool for making that connection with your audience. It will also help direct you, and your firm, to retarget that social media engagement.

Roslyn unfolds the analytics behind posting a graphic and why that can be the most beneficial.

When you post text, what type of data should you be receiving back in order to enhance your social strategy? By the end of this episode, you will learn how to gather significant data, and in return, help get you and your law firm get back on the social media map.

What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • How to start a social campaign
  • Four ways of re-targeting traffic
  • The importance of posting a video on your page versus text
  • Knowing when your audience is online
  • Why building trust with your audience is significant on social media!

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