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The Legal Marketing Flow podcast is for the overwhelmed attorney or marketing coordinator struggling to consistently bring in new business every month because they are using bad information they received from some marketing guru with no idea how to market in the legal space.

In this podcast, we share what we've learned in our 22+ years of getting actual results for clients in the legal space with our straightforward no BS approach.

You will learn how to Formulate, Leverage, and Optimize your marketing efforts for Widespread Impact that consistently drives new business to your legal practice.

Jan 29, 2021

How will Apple’s iOs 14 update affect your legal marketing ads?

In June of 2020, Apple announced an upcoming change to its iOS 14 iPhone and iPad operating system. Users will now get a prompt asking whether they are willing to allow the app to track their behavior.

How will this change impact your legal marketing strategy? We really won't know until mid-2021 when we can look at analytics and measure what is happening.

We do know that it will impact Facebook's ability to track and give useful data that digital marketers rely on for advertising.

We know that putting all of your eggs in Facebook marketing to generate new leads is not a reliable strategy because the ability to serve up ads to your ideal client avatar is going away.

You need a marketing plan in place right now that is diversified and includes developing relationships organically with new clients, referral partners, community outreach, and growing your database.

We are sharing some ways to lessen the impact in this episode.

What You Will Learn in this Episode

  • How these changes will impact third party social media apps
  • Why you need to make sure you have a consistent organic marketing strategy in place
  • Why building your database now is more important than ever
  • How your email list can still help you market on Facebook
  • How these changes impact new lead generation

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